Pregnancy and Exercise Top Tip #5

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Relaxin Hormone + Exercise

During exercise some pregnant women may experience a slightly higher risk of injury. A hormone called RELAXIN which is produced by the placenta is released to help your body accommodate a growing baby, it usually surges when the fetus has a growth sprut. Relaxin Hormone causes joints to become more elastic and lose some stability and also allows your pelvic floor to stretch during birth.This causes added pressure on your pelvic floor organs which can make it harder for the muscles to hold your pelvic floor organs in their correct position.

Relaxin is designed to help soften the cervix and tissues of the birth canal in preparation for childbirth, the only trouble is, it's not localised to just the birth canal.

It softens ligaments and tissue throughout the entire body, which can result in widespread joint instability and pain.

The pelvis can become hypermobile and can cause pain in the sacro-iliac joints (SIJ), on each side of your sacrum, and in the pubic bone. Pubic bone pain, also known as Pubic Symphysis Dysfunction.

We recommend to avoid high impact exercises especially in the 2nd and 3rd trimester and sports the require you to change direction quickly (netball/football), don't go too deep or force any stretches or poses and remember it's about feeling good and nourished and not pushing yourself.

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***it's recommended you seek the advice of your health or medical professional before commencing any NEW physical activity during your pregnancy. We also recommend if training in group a class or with a PT they are a fully qualified and registered pre + post natal exercise professional.

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