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Do I need to be fit/physically active before commencing any training with FlickPT?

You are not expected to be fit at the commencement of a Fitcamp or program. It is your trainers mission along with your commitment to make sure your fitness levels have improved by the end. This also applies for any personal training clients, sessions are all designed to progress you slowly.

What if I am already fit, will I be challenged?

Yes! Fitcamps & personal training are designed for all fitness levels and your fitness assessment will indicate just how far you can be pushed!!

What if I have an current injury or previous injury?

Before commencing any training with FlickPT, it’s important to let us know of any injuries or major health concerns you may have. We recommend you present FlickPT with a medical clearance from your Dr or practitioner to ensure you are safe to participant in outdoor training. Sessions can be modified accordingly depending on the severity of the injury or health issue.

Is there much running involved in group sessions?

There is definitely running involved but it will be varied to challenge each individual with scaling options for all.

Are sessions child friendly?

Children are most welcome to family friendly classes like Beginner Fitcamp, Tabata Saturday and Pre & Post Natal. If children need to attend personal training sessions or any other classes this can be arranged. For safety reasons children are to stay off equipment & parents are responsible for their own children at all times. We also remind parents to be mindful of those who don’t have children at the sessions.

Do you train males?

Yep, we sure do. Checkout our photos, they’re in there!

Are there any age restrictions?

17yrs & under must be accompanied by an adult OR have parents permission. 65yrs and over need a medical clearance from their local GP

How do I pay?

Personal training session payments are to be paid in advance or on the day. - Fitcamps payments are required before comment date - Casual session payments are required on the day. - Payment options include card, cash or bank transfer.

Where is the Ocean Grove Rotunda?

The infamous “Rotunda BBQ Area” has no fixed address. Located just off Surf Beach Road at Beach Access Point 14W at the Ocean Grove beach. Toilets are approximately 200m walk.

Can I come casually to group sessions? Do I need to book?

Casual sessions are welcome, however some sessions (Fitcamps) are at capacity therefore no casual spots are available. We recommend committing to a Fitcamp to avoid missing out & to help assist forming a regular Fitcamp routine & lifestyle. Bookings need to be made via our FlickPT Facebook page or via email if spaces permit.

What if it rains?

We still train!! Unless deemed unsafe (severe weather warnings) during the warmer months a little Summer rain is kinda nice whilst training, however we are lucky enough to have dry area (Ocean Grove) which can comfortably fit 12-15 participants. If its cooler we ask you wear warmer & wet weather appropriate gear. In Winter early morning sessions are moved indoors.

After baby, when can I start exercising at FlickPT?

After your 6 week check-up & clearance with your Dr (viginal birth) OR 8-12 week clearance (cesarean). We also recommend an appointment with a women’s health physiotherapist to ensure your pelvic floor, abdominal separation & any other concerns like knee pain, back pain, carpal tunnel etc are addressed before returning to exercise. FlickPT has an affiliate WHP, please contact us for more info. Initially early post natal Mums are encouraged to join our Pre & Post Natal program.

What if I need to cancel a PT session or miss a group session?

There are NO make-up classes for fitcamps & programs. You need to commit to this 100% to get results. Personal training clients will complete a cancellation policy on their first session.

What do I need to bring?

For group sessions we ask that all participants bring a towel or mat, water bottle, hat sunblock if it’s warm & jumper for cooler days, plus any other relevant items like asthma pumps etc For personal training clients, we ask the same, although an exercise mat is usually provided in your session unless you’d like to use your own.

How quickly will I see results?

Results for each individual will vary depending on your goals or commitment. We ask that you make small achievable changes to improve your lifestyle. This includes your exercise habits, nutrition, sleep & mental health. We are happy to chat to you one on one to assist with these long term healthy changes without it feeling too overwhelming.

When I sign up for a Fitcamp or program how do I receive all my info over the 10 weeks?

Our main form of communication is Facebook - Fitcamp sign ups are placed into a member closed group. It’s the quickest and simplest way we can get weekly recipes, home workouts & other house-keeping information at everyone.
Don’t have Facebook? That’s okay we can email or text the info to you.


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