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Personal Training, also known as one on one training, are training sessions designed specifically for you. 

These sessions are available 30, 45 or 60mins are generally located outdoors or in the  FlickPT studio.


Depending on your goals, PT sessions are can be based on weight loss, strength, running, boxing or just a mix of functional training that will challenge you but keep you coming back for more.

If you are serious about a goal for example; an event/race, weight loss, rehabilitation or life changing results, personal training can be the way to go.  


  • It allows you to schedule sessions that suit your lifestyle (EG. school times, shift workers, stay at home parents, full timers)

  • Sessions are personalised to help achieve your goals based on how many PT sessions you have a week, what other exercise you do on other days, duration of exercise weekly, diet, mental health, injuries & more.

  • Personal training keeps clients accountable. 

We all know personal training sessions can be expensive, but at FlickPT we truly believe that there is no price too high when it comes to an investment for your health & fitness.


You just have to weigh up the cost compared to the results you'll achieve. 



 Partner or buddy training are one of the most effective   accountability options you can choose. 

Having a training partner keeps you accountable to booking your sessions & you are less likely to cancel.


Partner sessions like personal training sessions are still designed specially for you & your buddy. Sessions can focus on strength, boxing or circuits. Sessions can cater for different fitness levels, so no matter what your ability is compared to your buddy we can scale the sessions accordingly to each individual.


Partner sessions run for 45mins.  

"A fun PT with a great attitude! If you want results check her out!"

- Hannah