Pregnancy and Exercise Top Tip #4

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

In most cases strength training during pregnancy is encouraged and safe! BUT we always encourage our pregnant women to seek medical advice from your health professional first.

Here are some key points to consider when resistance training during your pregnancy.....

▪️Use correct lifting technique

▪️ Avoid weight training while lying flat on your back

▪️Breathing technique - avoid hold you're breath and baring down on your pelvic floor

▪️Modify your strength-training routine as needed. Depending on how you feel each day

▪️Take longer breaks inbetween sets, let your heart rate drop, take small sips of water

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▪️Listen to your body, you may need to change those 30kgs squats to a 10kgs, use your common sense.

▪️You're not going to get stronger, consider this stage as a maintenance phase

▪️Go back to basics - bicep curls, squats, calf raises etc


It's also important to remember your body is constantly changing, your center of gravity has shifted, but you're also carrying more weight and may tire more quickly. What you can do one day might feel totally different a day or two later.


Signs you should look for if you're "over training" ▪️You can't hold a conversation during your workout. Remember you should be working at your seven out 10 perceived rate of exertion. (PRE) ▪️You feel exhausted instead of energised after training. A workout should leave you feeling a little tired at first, but mostly energized and refreshed. If you're starting to feel too fatigued or drained fatigued you potentially could be overdoing it. ▪️You feel pain during or after a workout. Exercise shouldn't hurt. Any pain or discomfort during of after a workout a red flag to stop whether you're pregnant or not. ***it's recommended you seek the advice of your health or medical professional before commencing any NEW physical activity during your pregnancy. We also recommend if training in group a class or with a PT who are a fully qualified and registered pre + post natal exercise professional. Stay tuned for more pregnancy and exercise tips nd if you have questions feel free to contact me

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