Pregnancy and Exercise Top Tip #3

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

'Running + Pregnancy' At FlickPT as pre and post natal accredited fitness professional we advise and educate our clients that women stop running between 18-20wks... Unless they have already stopped. You should stop before then if you feel pressure in your bladder, incontinence, heaviness or pain. A lot of common things we hear are... "But I feel okay?" "I've been running for years, why should I stop?" "But I need to run for my mental health" "It makes me FEEL good"


So.... why should I stop running? The pelvic floor is internal muscle, when you run there is constant load over and over again on your pelvic floor... Even if you FEEL okay, that's not to say this won't cause any damage later on. Most women who want to run past 20 weeks or are still running are usually the same Mums who want to run as early as possible after baby.


So, if you're still running over 20 weeks, what are the benefits? If you're answer is for my mental health because it makes me FEEL good then we need to have a look at your expectations. Alot of mums can put pressure on themselves to continue to run, personally I would love to run during my pregnancy but it DID NOT FEEL GOOD at 19 weeks. I felt heavy, slow and felt like I needed to wee... So I stopped.


There are so many exercises we can still do once we take away running like a stationary bike, swimming or stairs. We also need to look at this period from 18-20wks as an "off season" (I also learnt this through my @safereturntoexercise course).

Think of this period as a time to work on all the things you may not have time for or SHOULD do to help with running but don't do (guilty)

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Think.... Mobility, accessory work, yoga, pilates, glute work, calf/ankle strengthening, single leg work (if no pain) pelvic floor and transverse abdominal activations and exercises etc.... Keeping her pelvic floor safe so that when you want to return to exercise after baby you could potentially be a better position then if you were to continue to run


One of our favourite terms I've been taught is.... RISK vs REWARD Remember when you're pregnant you usually weigh more, bigger boobs, tummy, more pressure internally, body changes and then if you putting running on top of that, that's A

LOT of extra stress on the body. Once you're half way through your pregnancy we also recommend visiting a women's health physio to check pelvic floor because remember it's an INTERNAL muscle... We as personal trainers and Mums cannot feel or see it! ***it's recommended you seek the advice of your health or medical professional before commencing any NEW physical activity during your pregnancy. We also recommend if training in group a class or with a PT they are a fully qualified and registered pre + post natal exercise professional. . Stay tuned for more pregnancy and exercise tips and if you have questions, feel free to contact me.

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