Pregnancy and Exercise Top Tip #1

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Did you know your heart increases in size by 12%, the volume it pumps out increases by 70-80% and the max heart rate increases by 10-20 bpm

Therefore heart rate is now considered a poor indicator of exercise intensity and is no longer used as a guide.

So, how do we monitor perceived rate of exertion (PRE)?

We aim for a for a level of seven out of 10 as recommendation....

With one being 'sitting on the couch doing nothing' and 10 being 'can't possibly do anymore'

So EVERY pregnant woman's 7/10 will be totally different depending on her fitness level and should modify exercise in accordance with general physiological changes associated with pregnancy and their INDIVIDUAL situation.

***it's recommended you seek the advice of your health or medical professional before commencing any NEW physical activity during your pregnancy. We also recommend if training in group a class or with a PT they are a fully qualified and registered pre + post natal exercise professional.

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Stay tuned for more pregnancy and exercise tips and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

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