Not sure where the best place is to begin your health & fitness journey or reach your goal? 

I'm here to share with you the benefits of two types of training we provide at FlickPT....Personal VS Group Training.

Let's start with PERSONAL TRAINING

Personal, also known as 'One on One' training is exactly how it's describe, "Personal". If you are serious about a goal for example; an event/race, weight loss, rehabilitation or life changing results, personal training can be the way to go. 

Having a personal trainer allows you to schedule sessions that suit your lifestyle (eg, school times, shift workers, stay at home parents, full timers). Sessions are personalised to help achieve your goals based on how many PT sessions you have a week, what other exercise you do on other days, duration of exercise weekly, diet, mental health, injuries & more.

Personal training keeps clients accountable, the temptation to skip is usually less & so are the excuses, as this would mean standing up your trainer. Also at FlickPT we have cancellation policies for our clients, as I encourage everyone to make their session (unless unforeseen circumstances or an emergency).

I ask that all clients communicate with me if they have injures/niggles, not feeling 100%, lacking motivation or struggling to show up, so that I can modify their session rather than not training at all. Of course this is within reason, if a client is unwell we analyse the severity & make an appropriate decision if he or she should train that day (or week)

Personal training sessions are also a great way to return to exercise after an injury, following very specific and personalised sessions, whilst under the guidance of a trainer allowing no pressure to keep up in a group situation.

Personal training is also recommended for those returning to exercise post baby, a beginner or someone who hasn't worked out in years. The sessions are non-intimidating & the client is able to learn basic movement patterns, work at their own pace & progress to group classes when they reach a comfortable & confident level.

We all know personal training sessions can be expensive, but I truly believe that there is no price too high when it comes to an investment for your health & fitness. You just have to weigh up the cost compared to the results you'll achieve.


  • Custom sessions for you

  • Scheduled sessions based around your lifestyle

  • Attention you deserve

  • Personalised home workouts

  • Accountability

  • More chance of reaching your goal

Now let's have a look at GROUP TRAINING

Group Training at FlickPT comes in a few different ways.... We have the option of joining a FITCAMP package (6am, Beginner or 6pm), or coming along casually to any of our group classes.

The biggest thing you will notice in group sessions is the variety. You'll move in ways which you have never tried & use a wide range of equipment from ropes, kettlebells, sandbags, deadballs, torsion bars, agility ladders, resistance bands & more! Not to mention all the different types of sessions you'll be exposed to. Like ZUU training, AMRAPS, Tabata, EMOMS, group challenges, fitness testing, stair sessions, strength, body weight, partner workouts & more!

Group training is also a fabulous way to meet like minded people, those who like to get outdoors, stay active & have similar interests. Many friendships have formed through group training at FlickPT.

Group sessions often work out to be a lot more affordable than a personal training session, the only difference is they are run at set times, so if you miss a session you need to make it up in your own time. Those who like to attend casually mean they aren't locked into a specific time or day, they can just decided to come along hours before via a booking.

Group environments sometimes help to push individuals which can lead to a person performing better.


  • Variety

  • Meet new people with  a similar lifestyle

  • Friendships are formed

  • Affordable

  • Can be pushed to perform better

  • Casual attendance welcome

  • Family Friendly

"I started training with Flick in January 2016. I have PCOS, and one of the best ways to help with the condition is through exercise and diet. That was one of the main reasons I started with Flick. Also to get fit, and give my body the best chance I can to be heathy and strong!

It is to date one of the best decisions I have made. Working LONG unpredictable hours meant I needed someone to help keep me accountable. I struggled with motivation.

I had heard wonderful reviews about Flick - and I LOVED the fact that she was based outdoors. Such a great point of difference that ticked another box for me. Plus who wouldn't love fresh air and wonderful ocean views while training!?

I started out doing one PT session a week. Flick is an incredible trainer - always catering for all abilities and injuries. She was still able to (and happy to!) train me and modify some exercises for me through a shoulder and knee injury. Which truly made it so much easier to continue training instead of losing motivation and stopping.

After building some confidence I joined in on some of Flicks classes casually. I was nervous at first- but I shouldn't have been. Flick and the rest of the group were very welcoming and kind. I'm now into week 9 of Winter Fitcamp. I do this 2 x a week plus I continue my weekly PT session (sometimes manage to fit in 2 PT sessions and some extra classes)

For me personally I love being able to have 1:1 PT sessions regularly. I love that we get to mix it up.

Flick is always surprising me with something new and challenging. I'm constantly surprising myself with just how far I've come with Flicks help. Fitcamp is also great!

Great value for money too.

The group environment always pushes me that bit harder to do my absolute best outside of my comfort zone. Plus it's always a bonus to see some friendly faces at 6am!

I choose to do both PT and group training with Flick to get me moving every day.

It's a great mix of different types of training. Flick is always accommodating and able to modify for different levels or ability or injury.

The quality of training you get with both PT and Group I simply couldn't fault. All of these things are what keep me coming back each week, several times a week"

If you'd like anymore information regarding personal training or group training rates, times/days & locations head to our services page for more details or contact us at

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