The internet is a powerful tool, especially now that today anyone with an iPhone & a sports bra can film her workout routine, add a filter, some beats & upload it to YouTube or Instagram, and label herself a fitness expert.

When following your #fitspo men & women ensure that your public figure with a 100k following, golden tan & strategically product placement icon has the qualifications & knowledge to be able to safely share their fitness videos & workouts.

Things to look for:

  • A GENUINE PASSION - An account that isn't just based on selfies & product placement. Product placement is a huge one, some instagram figures are paid to upload photos which are made to look like they use a certain product. Once a Instagram user reaches a certain criteria eg: followers, they may be approached for celebrity endorsement deals. 

  • INFORMATIVE TIPS - Their account isn't  just based on what he or she CAN do, it shares some great workouts, alternatives, new ideas, locations and more to help YOU keep moving!

  • QUALIFICATIONS - Ensure your Instagramer is up to date with their qualifications, it's all good & well completing a personal training course many moons ago but each year a fitness professional is required to submit their 'professional development points' to ensure they skills are up to date & are the correct standard. You can never stop learning & developing your skills. A fitness professional also needs to be registered with a fitness body. Eg Physical Activity Australia

  • SKILL SETS - Trainers need to be working within their skill sets. Eg. Giving advice/workouts on what they are actually qualified in. 

  • INSURANCE - Dishing out workouts & fitness videos is all fun & games but are they allowed? You need to be insured to give out workouts & post online videos. Posting a workout to do at home is still training someone!! Take all necessary precautions when copying an online workout video, use your progressions & regressions. If you are unsure of an exercise - don't try it until you have been shown correctly face to face be a qualified professional.

  • FAME OR FACE TO FACE? - Are they just running an instagram account for fame & not actually running any face to face sessions? There is nothing wrong with an online business, but I would highly recommend following those they are working with clients on a daily basis, so that their skills, knowledge & competence is up to date.

  • FOLLOWERS - The more the better? NOPE! you can actually buy followers, yes this is true!! "likes" generate "likes". People assume that because an account or photo has hundreds of "likes" or "followers" they must be fabulous this sometimes is not the case. Remember you can BUY followers..WTF?! 

There are some fabulous 'fitspos" accounts out there, you just have to make sure you are following the correct ones, ones the keep it real & authentic. They are true to themselves & what they believe in. Their passion shines from within.

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