All of our HIIT Pilates classes are designed as a full body workout to strengthen and tone, as well as improving mobility and stability in key areas of the body. Chelsea caters for all levels of fitness and ability, with modifications for beginners and challenges for the more experienced.


HIIT pilates (with low intensity regressions) is a series of exercises to improve posture & core, strengthen pelvis, abdomen, trunk, back & improve flexibility. The exercises are performed on a mat with short bursts of work, minimal rest & sweat... whilst mixing dumbbells, bodyweight & tunes. Our classes are run by qualified Pilates instructor Chelsea Swan. 

This type of training is basically for EVERYONE!

  • Newbies to exercise (or Pilates)

  • Athletes or regular exercisers to compliment their training schedule

  • Pre & Post Natal safe (scaling options)

  • Those who need to correct posture & core strength and more.... 

Who is Chelsea Swan?
Doctor of Chiropractic & Pilates instructor Chelsea currently runs Pilates classes at Adaptive Integrated Health & The Studio Next Door. 




(Ocean Grove)


Perfect for the full-time worker or busy parent, exercise is done before the rest of the family is up.


These sessions are held in a space at the Ocean Grove Rotunda BBQ area during Summer , underneath some spectacular sunrises!





This time slot is for those who start work early and enjoy exercising at the at the end of their day, helping to relieve the stress of a busy day, time out from the kids & enabling a good nights sleep.

These sessions are held in Leopold in the FlickPT studio.



TBA in 2021


Spots are strictly limited, to avoid disappointment please don’t hesitate to secure your spot.

Sessions also need a minimum number of participants required to go ahead.